FAQs for our Customers and the SEO Professional.

When we at TR2 get questions that we know are relevant to many, we will be posting SEO questions, answers, and solutions. We intend this to be a knowledge base. FAQs for our Customers and the SEO Professional.

Q: What does BERT mean to SEO?

A: You can optimize for BERT by simply writing in a technical form. It is simply the increased emphasis of natural language searches coming from mobile (and other) searches.

NOT Like this:” I like to cook the turkey. I especially like stuffing it”.
Like this: “I like to cook the turkey. I especially like stuffing the turkey”.

Q: My WordPress consultant told me that they have “Installed the Premium Yoast Plugin” for SEO; I see no difference. Did they do anything?

A: Yoast is a great product for structuring the questions that need to be answered as well as helping you with your marketing / web writing style. More often than not though, many wannabe WordPress developers do not understand the requirements and structure of SEO on the page. When we look at a client’s website, the first thing we do is pull up the page source and read the <Title> tag and the meta description. In many cases, the <Title> is meaningless and the description is left blank. Someone did not do their job !!! Title and description are very important to both SEO and engagement as when filled in, they are what appear in Google search results. Yoast does not do the work for you, it tells you where it needs to be done. This FAQ was inspired by Maliha Mannan – Visit her blog.

Q: Which is better, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

A: That question is not as simple to answer as it is to ask. What I can tell you is that businesses that spend money on PPC (and justify it) can also justify spending money on SEO. It is rarely one or the other but typically both. I Have included a link to one of our articles that addresses this question near the end. We will also be doing SEO seminars and classes to help you do your own SEO – or we can do it for you!!! You want advice first before you dive in. The attached article by TR2’s own Robert Leonard will address the Internet marketing flavors out there – and be careful. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Your Needs and the Flavor Choices

Q: Does TR2 provide financing for websites? We are a small business and cash is tight.

A: Yes, we do finance many customer websites. We have to believe you have a high likelihood of success to qualify for our financing.

TR2's SEO Tips
TR2’s SEO Tips

Q: Does my domain name have importance or should we focus on our brand name. Will we save money buying for multiple years? Is there anything else important at the domain acquisition we need to know?

A: Yes, each of these questions are important. Focus your name, or at least one of them, on the product(s) you sell. You want your products, your words, to appear as much as you can on your page including in the domain and your page names. This TR2 article by Robert Leonard should address all your questions and maybe generate some questions: Getting your SEO / Ranking Possibilities Right from Day One – SEO Tips Series.

Q: Do I need SEO; It’s expensive? I do not do any eCommerce; my website is simply my online brochure.

A: Yes you do, but I would start with the basics and the tasks that get you found – those that should have been done by whoever built your website. You want your online brochure to be seen just like the printed ones. At that point, you can test and justify how far you want to go and what you can do yourself. Come to one of the TR2 SEO seminars starting in 2020; you will learn more in our hands-on seminars. Begin by reading Robert Leonard‘s article Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Your Needs and the Flavor Choices