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How Do I Check My Web – SEO Consultant. The Checklist.

"I just paid for my new website". "What are the questions I need to ask my consultant to make sure they are doing…
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Let’s play SEO Jeopardy (or should I say “Doing SEO Right”) with BERT. Answer in the Form of a Question “Keyphrase” Please.

Good SEO - Be Descriptive - Technical Writing Descriptive. Doing SEO Right!!
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How Do I Choose an SEO Consultant?

How Do I Choose an SEO Consultant? Choosing an SEO consultant is always a hard task because of the vast amount of self-confessed…
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TR2 What is SEO?

What is SEO? Defined Simple

SEO is simply the process of making a website “findable” by the search engines, like Google or Yahoo.
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