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TR2 SEO Google Search

How Do I Check My Web – SEO Consultant. The Checklist.

"I just paid for my new website". "What are the questions I need to ask my consultant to make sure they are doing…
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Let’s play SEO Jeopardy (or should I say “Doing SEO Right”) with BERT. Answer in the Form of a Question “Keyphrase” Please.

Good SEO - Be Descriptive - Technical Writing Descriptive. Doing SEO Right!!
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TR2 Uses Yoast

Do I Need Yoast Pro? Should I Buy Yoast Pro?

Yoast doesn’t magically help you get ranked with multiple keywords. Single or multiple or whatever, all Yoast does is give you suggestion, and…
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How Do I Choose an SEO Consultant?

How Do I Choose an SEO Consultant? Choosing an SEO consultant is always a hard task because of the vast amount of self-confessed…
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TR2 What is SEO?

What is SEO? Defined Simple

SEO is simply the process of making a website “findable” by the search engines, like Google or Yahoo.
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seo www domain TLDs

Getting your SEO / Ranking Possibilities Right from Day One – SEO Tips Series.

So Many TLD Choices (.com, .net, .cc, etc). Which one is for me?
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TR2 seo Contract

Do I need to submit my website to Search Engines?

To be honest with you, submitting your website to search engines really isn't needed anymore. The reason is the Google and most other…
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