Do I Need Yoast Pro? Should I Buy Yoast Pro?

  • September 8, 2019
  • SEO
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Should I Pay for Yoast Pro? With any premium product, you have to consider why you want that product. Which premium features do you need?

In my personal opinion, I find no use for Yoast Pro. The free version is nice to have as it allows me to add custom meta title and description, but aside from that I have no use for Yoast.

For example, here are some premium feature breakdowns and why I don’t care for them:

Smart Suggestion for Links

I don’t need Yoast to suggest to me what to link. I am quite proficient at utilizing internal or external links all on my own. It’s really a feature for the dummies, and unless you are absolutely clueless and you have no idea what the heck you’re doing, I see no reason to pay for this feature.

Target Multiple Keywords

Yoast does not magically help you get ranked with multiple keywords. Single or multiple or whatever, all Yoast does is give you suggestions, and I have often found its suggestions to be followed. Again, the keyword targeting simply suggests where and how many times you need to use a keyword. Unless you understand SEO yourself, Yoast’s suggestions will only bring down the quality of your writing. Not only do I not see any benefit to this feature, but I also suggest you stay away from it !

Ability to Redirect Old URLs to New Ones

There are free plugins that can do the job for you. One such plugin is Trash Duplicates and 301 Redirects. There are plenty more.

Orphaned Content

It shows your content that has not been internally linked from anywhere else is hard to reach. This feature may be beneficial if you have not and you cannot keep track of all of your posts and pages, but really, you should be more hands-on with your content anyway. Why would you need a plugin to tell you whether or not a post or page needs more attention from you?

Should I Pay for Yoast Pro? It really depends on you and your unique needs. If you have money to spend, however, I’d really suggest you take a basic SEO course on Linkedin; Learning or SkillShare or Udemy or something. That’ll be more useful to you in the long run than paying for Yoast Pro.

Good luck!

Copied, with permission, and written originally in Quora by Maliha Mannan (See her blog) – I love her attitude and I especially like people that know what they are talking about – I’d want to partner with her. Great taste and knowledge together are rare.

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