Can any type of link be bad for your website?

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As your read this title the first thing your doing is yelling at me from your computer screen!!! Can any type of link be bad for your website? What type of links are you asking about?!? There of many different types of link like internal link that connect your website together, inbound links or back links which connects others to you and is one of the most important thing in SEO, and then there are outbound links that connect you with other website. The question is still can links be bad, well yes links can be bad. If that is the answer you are getting for an SEO specialist you should have fired them already.

A well organized site is crucial for your website. Having internal links that connect your pages together is a necessity. Having them easily read makes it easy to navigate through not only for your customers but for google as well. Everyone have seen these links in your header (home, products, etc.), but they can also be anywhere. It is as easy as saying check out what tr2seo can do for you. That link is an internal link back to another part of the site. These links need to be relevant to the page they are going to if not your customers will leave a site that confuses them. So can internal links harm your website? Well if they are poorly placed or confusing, then yes your customers will leave page and find a page easier to navigate. Just remember google can see irrelevance.

Show a expample of a backlink.
This is a fun example of a backlink for one of our partners If your looking for hosting click the dog. 🙂

Then we have the professionals that say inbound links are one of the most important things for your website for SEO under your page content. They are right! This is what other people are saying about you. These links are from other websites that trust your site enough to connect to them for relevance for each other! These links can never penalize you on google and there are reasons. One there is never enough people that can talk about you and your company, these links will tell google how relevant and popular your site is. The more you have the better you are on the search engines. Now what about irrelevant links to your site? Why don’t those sites hurt? I’m sure there are link farms out there? Or what if your competitor puts your link on a irrelevant link farm?

Then there are the links that will effect you negatively and those are your external links. Google is smart and will read the content of your links. You will penalized by google if your outbound links are connected to irrelevant and not-reliable website. If you have to many outbound links on your page, google will blacklist you. Nothing is worse then not being allowed to show up on google. So in short make sure you or your developer are making outbound links relevant to your content on your site!

Can any type of link be bad for your website? In conclusion yes links can penalize your SEO on your website. With outbound links capable of blacklisting that site, make sure relevance is your number one priority. If all of you links are relevant to your websites content the google will love you! 🙂

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